~ Guardians of Illyria Boxed Set ~

My peoples of the blogosphere!


The first three books in the Guardians of Illyria series is available in a boxed set!! It’s two books cheaper than buying all the books separately, so feel free to swipe up this Cyber Monday Bargain Deal now!

Check it out HERE!

It’s so weird really…the idea that I’ve published enough books in the series to have a boxed set, haha. I’ve only been at this for a little over a year and a half, yet I feel as though I’ve come such a long way. My writing is the ONE thing I know I for certain do right, and to be able to present it to you in the form of these books…gosh, it’s the best feeling!

Anywho, gonna be posting a youtube vid tomorrow, me thinks. A passage reading from one of the Guardians of Illyria books, which I’m uber excited about, because of COURSE I’m gonna make it fun.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping, Readers!


IJB — ONLY 2.99!

No! Stop! Don’t do it! You have so much to live for! Please…don’t–

Oh, lawd…another one gone. And all because he didn’t have the 3.99 to purchase the ebook format of The Iron-Jawed Boy. If he’d waited just a bit longer, he would have found out that tomorrow IJB will only be 2.99 for a whole WEEK!! Yes, a WEEK!

Yes, that’s right; celebrate! Celebrate, for IJB shall be a dollar cheaper!

Also, I should note the IJB giveaway is ending today on Goodreads, so make sure you hop on over there and enter to win a paperback copy 🙂