~ Guardians of Illyria Boxed Set ~

My peoples of the blogosphere!


The first three books in the Guardians of Illyria series is available in a boxed set!! It’s two books cheaper than buying all the books separately, so feel free to swipe up this Cyber Monday Bargain Deal now!

Check it out HERE!

It’s so weird really…the idea that I’ve published enough books in the series to have a boxed set, haha. I’ve only been at this for a little over a year and a half, yet I feel as though I’ve come such a long way. My writing is the ONE thing I know I for certain do right, and to be able to present it to you in the form of these books…gosh, it’s the best feeling!

Anywho, gonna be posting a youtube vid tomorrow, me thinks. A passage reading from one of the Guardians of Illyria books, which I’m uber excited about, because of COURSE I’m gonna make it fun.

Happy Cyber Monday shopping, Readers!


Gayest Excerpt Ever

Well, sorta, haha…

Here’s a snippet from the third book, where Ion gains sight of something he never even knew could be seen. It’s definitely a spoiler alert, so don’t read ahead if you’re not down for that sort of thang. But for those of you who are….ENJOY! And don’t forget to get your copy here! And add my Facebook and twitter!


Chapter Twenty-Three

The Thunder Lord

Mearic and I clung to the window of his chamber, our eyes fixed on the army in the distance.

Sol was so eerily quiet I could almost hear the rash of bumps rising on my arms and neck. The front line of the army was a row of ants on the desert hill beyond the gates. They were too far for me to make any of them out, but my ears were buzzing now more than ever. And I knew where the buzzing was coming from. Among those soldiers was Lillian…Theo…my sister. What were they going to do if we faced one another? What was I going to do?

My chest tightened at the thought. Triplets save me.

In the middle of the front lines, I could make out some of the soldiers shuffling about, parting as a large object was rolled forward. A small glimmer of light twinkled off its rounded edges. Metal.

“Come,” I told Mearic, eyes still fixed on the glimmer. “We must join your father.”

I’m not sure why, but I grabbed Mearic’s hand without even a thought, rushing us to the lift. It was only when the platform shifted and rushed upward that I realized I still had his hand in mine. I looked down at our interlaced fingers—as he’d been doing—and quickly pulled away.

“Uh, sorry,” I said, warmth rising in my cheeks.

Silence fell, and then I felt his hand slip back into mine. I looked at him, and slowly, that smile that reminded me so much of my mother’s parted his lips. His kind of…pretty lips. In that moment, with the wind in our ears, and our eyes locked, we said so much to each other. I told him of how he reminded me of my mother and her gentle, caring nature. I told him that he’d been the only person to make me laugh in over a year. I told him of my plans. And I told him that I’d protect him at all costs.

I tightened my other hand into a fist. At all costs.


Rough Draft Complete!

IT HAS BEEN DONE! The rough draft for the second book in the Sky Guardian Chronicles has been completed!

It shall be entitled The Iron-Jawed Boy and the Hand of the Moon, and at this pace, it shall be released early 2014 😀

I’m so excited with the direction this story has gone. It’s going a bit darker, where confusion and uncertainty plague IOn’s thoughts on the daily. He’s going to really start questioning where his life is going and who his allies and enemies are. The lines, he discovers, are not so clear-cut.

The next month or so is going to go by rather quickly. Going to be starting the revisions for the first draft on Monday, I believe, and possibly finish by the end of October. Wish me luck!


Not only is this fantastic, but that’s TWO Jake and Finn gifs in two days 🙂

Anyways, this morning I woke up to IJB in the number 9 slot on the Amazon Children’s Fantasy Best Sellers (free) list AND number 17 in Children’s Action & Adventure. I’m one happy author right now! I mean, sure you could make the argument that it’s only Amazon’s free list, but the fact that so many people chose The Iron-Jawed Boy to download over aaaall the other freebies on that list (some with upwards of 100 reviews) is HUGE. It means that this novel is worth something, it means that all the hard work I put into the synopsis was worth something, and that I have a possible gem in my hands. Most importantly, it means I have a chance at being a successful author–something that, for a while, I thought could only be possibly in my dreams.

Wishing everyone a happy and exciting week! And don’t forget to grab your free copy here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Iron-Jawed-Guardian-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00DSEDXWC/ref=zg_bs_7006700011_f_9

The Spark

So, I’ve taken a break from writing the rough draft of my second novel The Iron-Jawed Boy and the Hand of the Moon, to…write some more! *slams head to desk* It’s never-ending, really it is.

I thought I’d dedicate my first blog post to the first time I met Ionikus Reaves, the main character in my fantasy series The Sky Guardian Chronicles–a moment I refer to as “The Spark” (because it’s cool to give it a name, that’s why).

I started writing at around 7 years old in order to escape the utterly mundane reality I was living in…but mostly because bullies were the worst, and the only place bullies weren’t the worst was in my fantasy world–where they had a tendency to either be badly squished, shocked, thrown through walls, or sucked into hurricanes. What? I had to do it! Do you have any idea how nervous and miserable I was being bullied for just being me? It was only natural that I walked around constantly wanting to do this to someone’s face:


Anyways, it was a cool October day back in 1999, and Mrs. Rodenberg’s was starting her daily reading session to the class. We’d just gotten back from a sweaty recess and this was what she did to calm us in the hopes that we’d be down for some edumacational material afterward (It never worked). Mrs. Rodenberg was reading the first Harry Potter book to us, though I don’t remember her ever reading any other books, and of course, instead of listening as I should have been, I was writing and drawing. Now, I’d been writing about me and my classmates for quite some time before Ion came to me; our stories were a mix of Power Rangers meets Sailor Moon. And yes, I know what you’re thinking…they were amazing stories, haha. All those times I’d been writing though, I was the central character, and suddenly, in the middle of class, I had the idea to start writing about someone who wasn’t me–someone who could’ve been my twin, yes, but someone who wasn’t me. It gave me power, that moment, realizing I didn’t have to be the main character, that this kid could do all of my inner thinking and actions without the consequences of if I was saying or doing it. I loved it, and from that Harry Potter reading session onward, Ion (whose name was initially Thunder; you can laugh) was my life.

Strangely enough, I learned so much from him growing up. He taught me how to take life a bit less seriously, how to appreciate the time you have with others–however short or long that time may be–and he taught me how to accept my difference for what it really was: a strength.

And I hope one day I’ll receive a letter or email or, preferably, a hologram from someone saying that he did the same for them.

Well, there’s my first post! Hope everyone enjoyed 🙂 And don’t forget to order your copy of The Iron-Jawed Boy on Amazon (paperback or kindle version) and the Nook!