IJB Review of the Day!! Woot!

So, I figured I’d post a review of IJB every other day or so, just to fill up those gaps in the day where I’m not feeling up to writing an actual blog post. Here’s one from last week, I believe it was:

“This book hooked me from the very first chapter! It is an exciting, well-written adventure that keeps you entertained to the fullest with every single page. Once I started reading it, I literally couldn’t stop. I had to know what was going to happen next and how the book was going to finish. When I was done reading it, it only left me hungry for more!

Though the book does slightly remind me of “The Lightning Thief”, my favorite overall thing about this read is how extremely unique it is. The author obviously has a lot of raw talent; coming up with the plot, characters, and story line and putting it together to develop a very beautifully-written book. It is one-of-a-kind and very exciting! It’s also great for both the young reader and the adult reader, so everyone must read this book. I honestly don’t have any complaints. It’s that awesome!

I highly recommend this book to everyone!”

– from Natalie of Goodreads

Thank you Natalie, for I now heart your face.



The Reviews Are In! Well…eight of em at least.

Currently Serving:

Valyrian Realness.

In other words: I’m feeling awesome, lol. The book’s been out for nearly a month now and while I’ve only garnered about eight reviews so far all of them have been super amazingly positive. Some have said it’s a cross between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, that the action scenes are “amazing”, and the ending was “epic”, that it’s “compelling”, “original”, and “a great start to a new series”. I couldn’t be any happier with how it’s being received right now! Mostly because as a writer–an indie writer most especially–reviews are everything. Furserious.

They’re like…life.

But while I’m just waiting for that one star review to come my way (which will be the day I question whether or not life is worth living in a melodramatic sort of way) I’m going to remain feeling optimistic.

Now…where are my dragons?