Moving Again!

I know. I’m like a gypsy of sorts.

It’s amazing how no matter how hard you try you somehow just end up being exactly like your parents. Mine were rather keen on moving from place to place. I’m 23, yet in the 20 years I lived with my mom and dad, we lived in about 25 different places. In one apartment complex alone in Indiana, we lived in FOUR different apartments…it was crazy.

I think for that reason alone, I never feel truly settled in one place, and thus, the title of this post. Moving to Irvine next month, and just in time, because Vegas weather is about to get reeeeeeal cold reeeeeeeeal quick. And because I loathe winter in its entirety, I’m uber happy about this news, lol.

In writing news, I’m working on my book synopsis, and it’s just about the most difficult thing about writing a book. Crushing 50,000 words into three paragraphs is just as difficult as it sounds. I, however, pride myself on my persistence, so I think I’ve got it on lockdown. Well, in the future at least…why do you think I’m writing a blog post about it instead of actually working on it?

Hoping everyone is having an amazing week!


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