Excerpt from IJB

As more reviews come rolling in (all 4-5 stars thank Jesus, Joseph and Mary) I’ve decided to start posting excerpts from The Iron-Jawed Boy every week. Hold your applause, hold your applause ;). Here’s a tidbit from Chapter 14, which comes just after my favorite fight sequence, and is one of my favorite visual scenes of the book. I absolutely love storms, so whenever I get to write about them I pee my pants at least twice.

Ion slowly turned to face Spike, who was struggling to his feet. Ion stretched out his arms, and a mighty gale battered the coliseum like whisks beating the inside of a bowl. The winds tightened around his waist and wrists, and a funnel cloud of dirt and grass lifted him from the floor until he was fifty feet above the field.

He stared down at Spike, his head filled with thoughts—angry, unforgiving thoughts. He teased you, Ion. Made you feel small. Made you feel inferior. Show him.

Show him what you can do.

“Ionikus!” Esereez shouted from below. “I demand you come down from there right this moment! Flight is not permitted for a novice such as yourself!”

Ion’s gaze snapped toward the Inventor and a sharp bolt of wind blasted Esereez right over his seat.

“I surrender!” Spike squeaked from below, waving his hands helplessly in the air. “You win, Ion!”

But Ion didn’t care. He looked to the heavens, and the single cloud above exploded with a monstrous roar. Clouds rolled and expanded out of the original, thunder cracking with each new squall that pushed out over the Acropolis until the sky grew dark as night.

“Ion!” Oceanus cried. “I demand you stop this at once! You shouldn’t be controlling clouds at your level, either!”

But Ion unwound his fists and gripped two lots of the sky. His hands felt as though they really were wrapped around something—something invisible but as solid as rock. He pulled downward, a weight falling on his shoulders, and two whirling funnel clouds came twisting down from the clouds. The twisters groaned as they struck the coliseum floor, tearing the dirt and grass up from its place. Spike latched himself to the battlefield—Oceanus and Esereez clung to their seats.

Ion’s jaw was searing hot. So hot, in fact, it felt as though it was burning the skin underneath. It was just as angry as he was.

Show him, Ion thought. Show him his place.

Ion snapped his arm forward, pointing at Spike. With a blast of thunder, a bolt of green lightning tore down from the clouds and struck Spike where he stood.

Oceanus screamed. Rain battered the coliseum.

Ion looked to his sister, her eyes now filled with tears. They were afraid and uncertain, and the anger that had claimed Ion vanished as quickly as it had come, replaced by nothing but emptiness. The rush of power left his body, and as he fell back down to earth, his vision went black.



  1. Wow, that’s a well-chosen excerpt. I’ve only begun reading “The Iron Jawed Boy”, but this really makes me eager and excited to get further into the story. Good luck with your future books!


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