Going Insane…

Mainly because it’s going on 72 hours and I still haven’t been able to get this forsaken song out of my head…

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Pocahontas twirling in the wind feroshness. But it’s just getting ridiculousl. RIDICULOUS, I SAY!! I keep singing this part…

And this part…

And this freakn part…

And I just wanna be like:

“Dear Pocahontas song, I no longer want to hum you incessantly…

I’m contemplating watching the Hercules move in the hopes that one of those songs will replace this one. Though I doubt it’ll work, so expect to see me on the five o’clock news running through the streets completely naked, asking people if they can paint with all the colors of the wind, or if they truly understand that the rainstorm and the river are my brothers.

The manuscript for the second book has taken a dark turn, too; and yes, I am going to blame it on Pocahontas.

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