20,000 Word Milestone!

Woot! Just hit 20,000 words in my newest manuscript, and this is what I feel like:

Btw, aren’t shihtzus the cutest freakn god?! Besides, of course, french bulldogs.

Anywho, not only have I hit the 20,000 word mark, but IJB has made it onto 3 separate bestseller lists this morning! Aaaaaand it’s only 3.99 (in ebook form). OH! And I just had an idea! You should buy it! OMG, or better yet buy it for someone else 🙂

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Exclusive IJB Read!

Here’s an excerpt from my bestselling middle grade novel, The Iron-Jawed Boy. This is yet another scene where I really got to play with visuals. And spiders.

And then he saw it…something…multiple somethings…long and leathery arms creeping out a hole in the middle of the ceiling. They slithered down the walls, into the reach of the moonlight, and Ion gasped. They weren’t arms. They were vines—fat, green vines veiled in bulbous, throbbing zits.

Ion took to the middle of his bed, somewhere in between panic and utter confusion.

More vines spilled down the walls, until the walls could no longer be seen.

Ion focused and as the hairs on his arms rose, out from their tips whipped thin bolts of electricity. The vines washed down onto the floor, and Ion tightened his fists, the electricity growing thicker.

The hissing came from all around, and then, pop, pop, pop like the violent death of a balloon bouquet. Ion could only watch now as the throbbing zits on the vines exploded with green juices…and hairy, black spiders.

He screamed as spiders sprayed through the air, landing on his bed, his tunic, and a few on his face. Ion fired lightning in every which direction, but with each bolt and crack of thunder that came, so followed more pops and more spiders. When the vines coiled around the legs of his bed, the spiders gathered at the end of Ion’s mattress, right there on the sheets, climbing on top of one another, until a great tower of black, hairy legs and fangs stood before him. He fell back in horror, and the spiders fell away to the floor, leaving in their wake a teenage girl with blazingly red hair, and green eyes that burned with a vengeance.


Get your 3.99 ebook copy or 9.00 paperback copy here!

Moving On Up and Out

Well, folks, a couple days have passed since my KDP freebie promotion ended, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!! The Iron-Jawed Boy is now gracing the Children’s Bestseller Norse PAID list, currently standing strong at number 4 🙂 MOMMA’S GETTING PAID!!

And while IJB moves up on the bestseller list, I am planning on moving out to what I consider to be my second home: Las Vegas. I’ve missed the city so much: it’s lights, it’s life, it’s smells, and weather, and pools, and shopping, and landscaping, and shows, and blah blah blah. I can hardly remember why I moved from Vegas to California in the first place…oh, wait…yeah, I wanted to escape my parents (but that’s another story. A very long story). But nevertheless, I’ll be quite happy to be back in the city I was raised in since I was ten. It’ll be a much-needed return to familiarity.

On the other hand, I’ve just recently gone through a peaceful break-up and am now dealing with the bittersweet feelings of leaving my  2 year relationship to move back to Vegas. Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Being a human with emotions sucks. Like, we can all agree on that, right?

Anyways, don’t forget to check out IJB on the Bestsellers list AND purchase your copy! It’s only 2.99, so stop complaining! Seriously. You pay more for your daily Starbucks, which is mostly just ice and you know it. What is it with that place? You ask for an iced chai and you for realz get 65% ice, 20% actual product, 10% resentment, and I’m not sure what the remaining 5% is…seems like crack to me.


Why Giving Away Free Books is Essential

I’ve read a lot of articles on this matter, and I’ve come to the conclusion that as an indie author, there can be no greater first step to getting your book out there than giving away free copies. I know, I know…”I put soooo much work into this book, I deserve to get money for everyone I sell!” Well, stop complaining. Seriously, no one likes a complainer. It’s, like, a fact.

The truth is, you don’t deserve the people’s money…at least not yet. You must first prove yourself.

That’s right: prove yourself. If that sounded like the objective of the level on that video game you’ve never been able to finish and win, then we’re on the same page…er, level. Listen, over the past (nearly) five days, I’ve sold upwards of 400 copies of my book. They were free copies, yes, but the exposure I’ve gotten from them has been tremendous and the fact that it graced the top ten bestsellers list of multiple children’s ebooks categories on Amazon awarded me even MORE exposure. I mean, The Iron-Jawed Boy shared the same page as Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland; it doesn’t get much more badass than that. Now, that’s not to say giving out free ebooks is a good thing for everyone, because if you’ve written a baaaad book, you can expect to get baaaad reviews AND you didn’t even get the satisfaction of having those bad reviews come, at least, from royalties. In that respect, no, giving out free ebooks is not advised, lol.

If you have, however, written an awesome book (or even a mediocre one), the exposure is VITAL to your mission. Just think about it: those 400-some people who got your book for free might very well recommend the book to others, write a review, OR even buy the paperback for their kids or family or friends when Christmas rolls around. The amount of people reached could potentially be tremendous!

Lastly, mentality is everything. It’s very important, at least in my opinion, to understand that you’re not going to be making much of anything off your books in the first couple years, unless of course you’re releasing a few books over the course of a year or shorter (I’ve seen SO many success stories that were based on those tactics). And it’s IMPERATIVE that you come to terms with that. Impatience leads to mistakes; mistakes that can’t be rewritten.



Not only is this fantastic, but that’s TWO Jake and Finn gifs in two days 🙂

Anyways, this morning I woke up to IJB in the number 9 slot on the Amazon Children’s Fantasy Best Sellers (free) list AND number 17 in Children’s Action & Adventure. I’m one happy author right now! I mean, sure you could make the argument that it’s only Amazon’s free list, but the fact that so many people chose The Iron-Jawed Boy to download over aaaall the other freebies on that list (some with upwards of 100 reviews) is HUGE. It means that this novel is worth something, it means that all the hard work I put into the synopsis was worth something, and that I have a possible gem in my hands. Most importantly, it means I have a chance at being a successful author–something that, for a while, I thought could only be possibly in my dreams.

Wishing everyone a happy and exciting week! And don’t forget to grab your free copy here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Iron-Jawed-Guardian-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00DSEDXWC/ref=zg_bs_7006700011_f_9


Yes, for today until the 15th, The Iron-Jawed Boy will be available as a free Kindle download!!



Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DSEDXWC/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb


Go and get your copy now!! 😀

Good Saturday To You!

Currently serving: coffee. No, seriously, I’m currently serving coffee.

Photo on 2013-08-10 at 11.58

This my serving coffee face.

I usually enjoyz myselfz a cup of coffee in bed on my Saturday mornings, and this morning is no different. Oh wait…just looked at the clock. It’s definitely not morning time anymore -_-

Anyways, today will be a day filled with tanning (it’s finally sunny in Santa Monica today), some self-loathing in the mirror afterward, for the tanning will make all of my annoying freckles even more freckly, and some writing. I’m trying to average at least 1500 words a day, but I’m actually beating that average so far. And by “so far”, I mean the last two days. I find going to Starbucks, sitting down with a nice Grand Valencia Orange and cheese danish, whilst listening to the radio via my iPhone really centers my focus.

Hoping everyone has a nice weekend! 🙂 Yeah, I’m nice like that.