The Reviews Are In! Well…eight of em at least.

Currently Serving:

Valyrian Realness.

In other words: I’m feeling awesome, lol. The book’s been out for nearly a month now and while I’ve only garnered about eight reviews so far all of them have been super amazingly positive. Some have said it’s a cross between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, that the action scenes are “amazing”, and the ending was “epic”, that it’s “compelling”, “original”, and “a great start to a new series”. I couldn’t be any happier with how it’s being received right now! Mostly because as a writer–an indie writer most especially–reviews are everything. Furserious.

They’re like…life.

But while I’m just waiting for that one star review to come my way (which will be the day I question whether or not life is worth living in a melodramatic sort of way) I’m going to remain feeling optimistic.

Now…where are my dragons?



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